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How do we book a session?

Its easy! You can use the contact form on the website, you can email me at or you can call/text me at 814.516.3947


Do we get digital images?

Of course! Digitals are included in every package!

Where should we go for photos?

Anywhere! Typically, I like to start off at a park or wooded/nature area and then head in town, just to switch it up. But if you have a specific place in mind, we can go there! I’m always up to going to different places, just let me know where and we’ll make it happen.

Do you have a studio?

Yes! It is located on the 2nd floor of the annex of the National Transit Building in Oil City, however it is fairly small. I wouldn't recommend more than 4 people in the studio space at once. I do have access to larger areas of the building that we could use, or I can take my studio equipment to a space you have for a small fee. 

Can you fix blemishes?

Sure can! Basic touch-ups are included in editing. Anything more than the basics is extra but will be done on every individual final photo!


What should we wear?

Depending on the portrait type, I like a mix of formal and casual. But don’t fray to far from your style! I want you to be you and be comfortable! I do recommend bringing a variety of clothes and accessories, and we can choose them together. Even if we don’t use them all, we’ll still have options!

Do you bring props?

When shooting on location I don't bring props, maybe a blanket but that's it. If you have something you want in the photos, please bring it! AND if you have a pet and would like them in the photos, I am ALL for that, please bring them! At the studio I have some props, but not a lot since the studio is small and this is still new to me, so feel free to bring props or let me know if you have an idea and I'll considering purchasing what we need so I can use it in the future!

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Heck yeah! I actually encourage it. They will make you feel more comfortable and their thoughts and opinions are always valued, after all they know you better than I do!

What if it rains?

If it is raining on the day of our session, we will possibly have to reschedule. I will be in touch with you throughout the day and we will decide what we want to do. But hopefully if it rains, there is enough time for things to dry up, and we can go for it!

How long is a shoot?

It depends on the package you choose, it can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours or more!

How do I see my photos?

You will receive an email or text with a link and password to your online gallery! Or you can opt to schedule to meet with me at the studio to view them!


How do we get prints?

Every package includes digital downloads and a print release, meaning you can print them anywhere at your own leisure. However to ensure you get the best quality prints, you can order them directly from your gallery where I will personally fulfill the order.

To order prints directly from the gallery you will select and view the photo(s) you would like to order, go to the cart and it will give you a list of items for sale. If there is something you would like and it is not on the list, please contact me. Once you’ve added everything to your cart, select view cart - it will show you everything in your cart as well as your total. To checkout, click checkout. If you have a coupon or gift certificate code you will be able to enter them at checkout, then enter your billing information. Click next, here it will give you the option to pay for me to ship to your house or you can select meet for pickup, where we will be in touch with one another to get the prints to you. I will only meet within Venango County. You can then pay online with your credit card or pay offline with cash or check. The cash or check has to be in my hands before I fulfill the order. You can meet with me or mail it to me, you can then press place order and I will get an email that your order has been placed and you will get an email confirming the order.


How long does it take until we see our photos?

It varies depending on the time of year and whats going on in my crazy life. On average I try to have them to you in 10 to 12 days or less. However, it could be sooner or could be longer. However 99% of the time, you will get a sneak peek on social media before you receive your gallery.


Do you travel?

Of course! Depending on how far there may be a travel fee that can be discussed on a case by case basis.

How do we pay?

Typically I ask that you put down a non-refundable deposit to hold your session date. The remaining balance can be paid before or at the time of the session. Cash, check, or cards are all accepted! Please let me know ahead of time if you would like to pay with a card, I can invoice it and you can pay online or I have a Square POS where I can swipe your card (if we will be in a location with no cell service, the Square will not work.)

How do I download my photos?

Log into your gallery. There is a download button on the top right, click on it. It will prompt you to enter your email address and then take you to the next page. Choose photos: highlights, choose download size: high resolution and download to: my computer. Start download - once the download is complete, it will give you a link, click on the link and it will download a file to your computer.

To download individual photos, you can view the photo you would like to download, then select the download button at the top. It will download the photo to your computer.

Can we get a flashdrive with all our photos on it?

Yes, for an additional charge of $20, except for weddings then a flashdrive is included. You’ll find that your online gallery is a lot easier than having a flashdrive, however if you would like one I will be more than happier to get one for you.

If you have any other questions, just shoot me an email or text!!

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